Flutter code examples

Flutter Navigation Anywhere

I wanted to name this article “Navigation Inside a Dialog” because I was initially searching the web for a solution to creating a settings style dialog for a tablet app. I needed to display a list of settings in the dialog. »

Beer Menu - Hero Animation

This is my second article in a few days. I completed the design a couple of weeks ago but hadn’t had a chance to write about it until now. This UI is base on a design I found on Dribble. It is a beer menu design with a list of beers and an animation to a details screen. »

Apple Music Player - Library Screen

For this design I wanted to recreate a screen from the iOS Music App. I wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to create the various widgets that make up the Library screen and the animation to the Now Playing Details screen. »

Onboarding Exercise

This series of screens is called on-boarding screens. It acts as an introduction to an app or as a means of helping users with features within an app. »

Ready to Edit

When using forms in a mobile app, often we are faced with the need to allow the user immediate access to a TextField and its contents so that the user has to only type the new input. »

Weather Display Screen

The screen is a normal information display screen. In this use case, it displays weather information. It can be used as part of a dedicated weather app or as part of another app which provides weather for it’s users. »