ETERNA Bleached

I initially viewed the ETERNA Bleached Bypass simulation as just just another simulation with muted colors. That approach made me feel that the colors were too muted. And in some cases, not enough true to life color, to be pleasing for the composition. »

Colorful Saturday

I went out for a short walk with our little furry friend, Otis. As Otis went about his way, sniffing spots, leaving his own scents throughout the neighborhood, and barking at the many sounds that resonated louder than his own. »

Left Face

Random photos taken at red lights outside the left side of my window. »

Classic Negative

The X-Pro3 was the Fujifilm camera to feature the new classic negative film simulation. These are a few photos using this simulation. »

On Lock Down - Black and White

I often find myself at a lost for subjects to capture during this Coronavirus lockdown. In part because I find myself shooting photos of the same things I was shooting before this lockdown began. »


This article is one of many that I want to write to offer some suggestions for keeping your information out of hands of social media companies like Google and Facebook. These companies are notorious for collecting large amounts of data on users without the user's knowledge. »

Against the Blue

One thing that I love to capture is a subject against a vibrant blue sky. »

X-Pro3 First Takes

After debating a couple of weeks on whether the X-Pro3 was a camera for me, I finally decided to give it a try. »

Mute and Continue

Mute and continue and shoot shoes using your Sony A7III and your lens closest to 35mm. Use your device’s native ratio. »

Emphasize Repetitions

Emphasize Repetitions and photograph anything, at the widest ratio available using your fixed camera. »

Flutter Navigation Anywhere

I wanted to name this article “Navigation Inside a Dialog” because I was initially searching the web for a solution to creating a settings style dialog for a tablet app. I needed to display a list of settings in the dialog. »