Photography Assignment

Guidance: Emphasize Repetitions
Assignment: Today you must photograph anything, at the widest ratio available using your fixed camera.

This is my first assignment from an app I have created called Assignments. It was due to be released on the Apple App and Google Play Stores but there were copyright issues so the project had to be cancelled for now. It's purpose was to generate random photo assignments based on a number of technical variables and subjects. An idea based on a shortcut created by members of the Kage Collective.

This assignment led to the use of my Fujifilm X100F. I set the aspect ration to 16:9 and set out to quickly capture some images. I didn’t have time to travel, which is often the case due to my little toddler, so I shot around the house. With the guidance in mind, I believed I should capture photos that showed a number of the same objects in repetition.