Mr. Kevin Andre Armstrong

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I am a seasoned software developer with experience developing mobile and web applications. I love traveling with my family and photographing our journeys.


This article is one of many that I want to write to offer some suggestions for keeping your information out of hands of social media companies like Google and Facebook. These companies are notorious for collecting large amounts of data on users without the user's knowledge. »

Against the Blue

One thing that I love to capture is a subject against a vibrant blue sky. »

X-Pro3 First Takes

After debating a couple of weeks on whether the X-Pro3 was a camera for me, I finally decided to give it a try. »

Mute and Continue

Mute and continue and shoot shoes using your Sony A7III and your lens closest to 35mm. Use your device’s native ratio. »

Emphasize Repetitions

Emphasize Repetitions and photograph anything, at the widest ratio available using your fixed camera. »

Flutter Navigation Anywhere

I wanted to name this article “Navigation Inside a Dialog” because I was initially searching the web for a solution to creating a settings style dialog for a tablet app. I needed to display a list of settings in the dialog. »

Beer Menu - Hero Animation

This is my second article in a few days. I completed the design a couple of weeks ago but hadn’t had a chance to write about it until now. This UI is base on a design I found on Dribble. It is a beer menu design with a list of beers and an animation to a details screen. »

Apple Music Player - Library Screen

For this design I wanted to recreate a screen from the iOS Music App. I wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to create the various widgets that make up the Library screen and the animation to the Now Playing Details screen. »

Onboarding Exercise

This series of screens is called on-boarding screens. It acts as an introduction to an app or as a means of helping users with features within an app. »

Ready to Edit

When using forms in a mobile app, often we are faced with the need to allow the user immediate access to a TextField and its contents so that the user has to only type the new input. »

Weather Display Screen

The screen is a normal information display screen. In this use case, it displays weather information. It can be used as part of a dedicated weather app or as part of another app which provides weather for it’s users. »