Today I stumbled on a post on FujiLove, and the writer talked about using the new filter found in the X-T4 called ETERNA Bleached Bypass. Before today, it seemed like a dull washed out simulation that I couldn't find a use for. After reading the article, I learned to look at the film simulation with a much different approach.

I initially viewed it as just just another simulation with muted colors. That approach made me feel that the colors were too muted. And in some cases, not enough true to life color, to be pleasing for the composition. The article used the approach that this simulation was like seeing composing in black and white but with color. I know that sounds so contradicting but that struck a cord in my brain. I saw one photo taken with ETERNA Bleached Bypass and immediately understood.

These are few photos captured of a neighbor while he was doing some woodwork.

These are a few random shots of other subjects.