I pulled out my S5 a few days ago and took it with me when I dropped the kids off at school. Some days I feel like the size and feel are less overwhelming than my R5 although they are similar in size. Weird I know.

Anyway, I switched it to the Low Monochrome D picture style. I produces some really shadows that I like. I snapped a few uninspiring photos while out. When I got home though, I immediately noticed the intensely white door from the outside brightness and the dark shadows behind the door. I took a photo!

I knew then that I wanted to capture more like that. But I wondered if my R5 could produce a similar photo. I tried with no success. I adjusted some in-camera settings but that didn't work either. I figured it was time to play with the Picture Style Editor. After some playing around, I was able to create a Picture Style that I liked. I loaded it to my camera and took the R5 out later that day. It doesn't work for all monochrome situations but it was exactly what I was looking for in that moment.