After a few days with the Panasonic S5 and playing with some of it’s filters, I rediscovered a use for one of the film simulations I have on my Fujifilm X-T4. It’s a sort of cross process modification based on Ritchie Roesch’s recipe.

My initial thoughts were it looks way too different from the original colors. Too much in the reddish tones. I didn’t really see a place for it in my day to day. While that last statement may still hold true, I realized it has a place and an appeal. When I look at photos taken with my X-T4, they just have to have an appearance that catches my eye in the moment. Right now, this one does.

I don’t study old film like many Fujifilm photographers. I don’t see a big difference in the many of the film simulations. I am impressed by the knowledge many photographers have about old film. What really surprises me is the level of knowledge they have comparable to their age.I don’t mean to say young people can’t research these topics and learn. But its presentation makes me believe they shot with these old film stocks for many years. Whatever the case, I am thrilled they have the ability to match photos from many years ago with what the Fujifilm line of cameras is capable of producing SOOC.

These are a few shots using the Cross Process Recipe.

Plants and flowers!