Apple iPad

After all the press and anticipation, it’s finally here: the Apple iPad! So is it all that? I have seen mixed reviews (mostly good) out there but personally, I feel it is an exceptional device despite a couple of shortcomings.

What I Like:

  • I like reading books from electronic devices. I used to own an Amazon Kindle. I was fine but I was swayed by possibility of having a touch screen and color on the BN nook so I sold it. Fortunately, I never purchased the nook because now I have the iPad. There are several free book reader apps (iBook, Amazon Kindle) and a number of free PDF reader apps. Now I can continue to save the tree by taking my books with me and reading them on a beautiful color screen.
  • Task management. I like to try to stay organized. These days it’s hard to balance the day to day tasks and fit in keeping everything organized. The iPad has a few apps that help with that process. Things is an app that I can use on my Mac, iPad, or iPhone. It helps keep me organized with personal and professional tasks. I can now take my iPad, instead of a pad and pen, and easily reference what I’ve done and note new things to do.
  • I enjoy reading the latest news from RSS feeds. I usually do this with an RSS reader on my Mac but the iPad offers several apps from major news organizations (BBC, npr, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, etc) and several RSS feed readers. Most of the news apps are nicely written to allow easy navigation of content. BBC and npr even gives you the option of listening to radio music or news while you read. There’s nothing like listening to Mozart while reading about the Healthcare Bill.
  • Social networking is convenient. I’m still kinda new to twitter. I guess I’m not really new but instead, not a big user. Despite this, I still enjoy reading tweets from time to time. Tweetdeck and Twitterific are too very nice apps on the iPad. I think it may help get me back into the swing of things with the Twitter Trend. Facebook hasn’t released an app for the iPad yet but I’m sure a very nice one is coming soon.
  • I’m not that big on games but a few of my favorites are present on the iPad. Mahjong, Crosswords and Solitaire. The graphics on the others that I’ve seen online look superb. Maybe one day I can splurge (time and money) and try one out.
  • I can go on and on but I wanted to list a few apps on the iPad that will be burning a hole in the CPU. There are some great business apps (Omnigraffle, Pages, Keynote, Numbers) out there and the standard apps (iTunes, iPhoto, Video, etc) will certainly get some play time.

What I don’t like:

  • I hate that Apple chose to wait until a future iPad model to release photo and video support. I’m certain it could have been easily added to the iPad 1G but they know everyone who stood in line for this iPad will stand in line next year for the iPad 2G.
  • I also understand there are some bluetooth limitations. That would certainly make it possible for a third party company to add missing functionality. Don’t quote me on this one though.
  • I think that’s about it.

I first thought that a 16GB should be good enough, but I enjoy it so much that I’ve added some video. Video and memory don’t play well. I need another one already. Plus my daughter really enjoys it as much as I do. Sounds like I need to work an extra 160 hours so that I can buy another. Or maybe it can start taking donations.

I should probably create another category on my blog for iPads because I’m sure I will be writing quite a bit about it.