Many have ask how I got the spaces on my dock in Mac OS X. While I got mine using MacPilot, I figured others may want it too so I did a little research. I found a way to add real separators to the dock, instead of adding dummy applications with empty or decorative icons, as indicated by many websites I found. This works only in Leopard (OSX 10.5):

  1. Run the following commands from the Terminal:
    defaults write persistent-apps -array-add '{ "tile-type" = "spacer-tile"; }'
    killall Dock
  2. Once the dock restarts, you should see a blank space after the last application that is permanently in the Dock (before the icons for applications that are currently running but not always in the Dock).
  3. You can now drag the empty spaces to where you want them, or right-click on them and select "Remove from Dock" if you no longer need them.

Note: you can run the "defaults" command several times in sequence before the "killall" command, to add multiple separators in one go and then just rearrange them as needed. I also included an Automator Workflow to accomplish this task by double-clicking it.

Add Spacer to Dock zip