The latest version of Dojo Bootstrap has been released in beta. There are a number of new features and changes. The biggest and most obvious change is Dojo Bootstrap is now completely Dojo widget-based. This means you can now use Dojo Bootstrap the same way you would use any Dojo widget.


  • widgets are parsed onLoad or using parser.parse()
  • widgets can be created using standard dijit.Declaration attributes:
    or created programmatically
    new Modal({…}, dojo.byId(…));
  • several widgets are Templated, meaning they can be created without knowing the exact html markup. For example, a new accordion group can easily be added by specifying a title and content. No need to manually add the redundant markup. More information will be available in the documentation.
  • widget properties can be set using dijit getters and setters. This is the recommended method because other behaviors are adjusted in many cases. e.g. setting the Alert.closable attribute to false hides the close button.
    var alert = new Alert({}, …);
    alert.set(“closable”, false);
  • widgets are now the emitters of events. Before, the DOM element would emit an event and you would have to listen on a particular DOM element. In some instances, it wasn’t always clear as to which element you should listen. Now, you should always listen to the widget. When necessary, the widget will return targets along with event types. See the upcoming API docs for more information on each widget.
  • The Popover, Toolitip and Datepicker popup widgets all use a new PopupBase class. The PopupBase class provides widgets with the ability to be displayed by a trigger: hover, click, focus or manually. The popup uses so it is capable of positioning the popup using the standard Bootstrap supported positions: top, right, bottom and left; as well as other positions: top-left, top-right, bottom-left and bottom-right.
  • The Dropdown and Typeahead now use ListBase class which provides common keyboard navigation behaviors. The up and down arrows work as normal. But now they both cycle and support page up and page down to quickly move to the top and bottom of lists.


The API will now be inline in the code. This allows you to use the Dojo API Documentation tools to generate and view the complete API for Dojo Bootstrap.

Soon, the documentation website will also be updated for this release. It will likely be an API viewer for json/xml file generated by the Dojo API Doc tools.

As stated, Dojo Bootstrap is in beta. As you find bugs, please feel free to open an issue. Thanks and enjoy!