I have been using Twitter Bootstrap lately due to its appearance and simplicity in creating basic pages and complex layouts. I wanted the use Dojo to develop a recent project but I felt that Dijit would be too much for my needs so I decided to use Bootstrap again. The problem here is that Bootstrap uses jQuery for its Javascript components and I didn’t want to load Dojo, jQuery and the Bootstrap plugin.

My solution: build an implementation of Twitter Bootstrap using the Dojo Toolkit. Dojo Bootstrap  is a port of the Twitter Bootstrap plugins. It uses 100% Dojo code and has support for AMD.

A reproduction of the Twitter Bootstrap JavaScript page using the Dojo Bootstrap modules can be found here.


I have created a new dedicated website for the Dojo Bootstrap project.


23 Responses to Using Twitter Bootstrap with Dojo

  1. Kim says:

    Nice, great initiative!

  2. Tom Wayson says:

    Interesting project. Your link (http://examples.kevinandre.com/bootstrap/javascript.html) to the reproduction of the Twitter Bootstrap JS page appears to be broken though.

  3. CJ says:

    the website is not working at all… error 500.

  4. Hey! Great Work! We were planning to make a project of our own till we came across yours. Dojo is way cooler than jQuery and here at RCorp we do much more than DOM manipulation!

    We can also go about it a little differently ie make a dijit theme like bootstrap (like a claro or nihilo) and then use a dijit/dialog instead of a separate dialog etc. Your views?

    • admin says:

      Hey Gaurav! jQuery is great and has it’s place in development but I certainly prefer Dojo as well. I thought about doing a dijit theme as well but figured I could contribute better by porting the framework to Dojo.
      I think a dijit theme would be great. I created the Twitter Bootstrap port as a lightweight alternative to Dijit but I have had cases where I still needed to use Dijit (layout, dgrid, etc). It would be nice to be able to maintain visual consistency. I certainly see a need and we love to see the finished product.

  5. Philippe says:

    This looks great ! I was looking at the examples and noticed a small bug on affix (http://dojobootstrap.com/1.1/affix) : it works well for the top, but when you scroll down until the end of the page, it’s not scrolling properly at the end of the page.

  6. Richard Moy says:

    Great job. You did what I was planning to do but have not had the time. Thanks. Keep up the great work. I do not like the look of the Dijit but like the structure of dojo especially the newest versions.

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  7. Alexnet says:

    two words: good job!
    Dojo rules.

  8. Jorge says:

    Hi guys
    Just wanted to ask two things about dojo. Besides the 4 themes and this one provided for Dojo dijits, is there any theme maker around the web or any site that has more Dijit themes?

    Another thing. Since i´m new to dojo\dijit i could not build the source for the dboostrap theme. can any one of you help me in this? I could use a tutorial(help) about using the Dojo/Dijit Bootstrap Theme in my one site.


  9. Magnus says:

    Great initiative! I’ve been looking for an alternative to the horrible dijit widgets and found this. I’m a little surprised though that you haven’t used the dijit/_WidgetBase class as a base for the components. That would enable dojo style instantiating with the “data-dojo-type” attribute and easier to use when using from other widgets… a bit of extra hassle to bind to etc. when it’s not a real widget.

    Just my two ¢. Still gonna use it :)

    • kevin says:

      Magnus, my initial thought when creating this was to develop a Dojo alternative that was easy to adopt for current jQuery users. I agree that it should be more like existing Dojo widgets. Since the code is pretty stable as it is, I am working to use the dijit/_WidgetBase in the next major release.

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  10. Marcus says:

    Hey, great work!
    I’m wondering when the next major version is coming? The Dojo:ified one with _WidgetBase included?

    Kind regards

    • kevin says:

      Thanks! I have actually released the next version in beta. I am working on fixing some bugs and getting the documentation together now.

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