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Dojo Bootstrap 2.0 Beta

The latest version of Dojo Bootstrap has been released in beta. There are a number of new features and changes. The biggest and most obvious change is Dojo Bootstrap is now completely Dojo widget-based. This means you can now use Dojo Bootstrap the same way you would use any Dojo widget.

Dojo String Substitute

I recently developed some code that required the use of dojo.string.substitute. I have used this module before but I never really researched it's full potential. I understand it is the basis for Dojo's Dijit templating. I needed to know moreā€¦

Collapsible Panel with Bootstrap

I had plans to build a panel that provided to ability to collapse it's contents. Since I was using Twitter Bootstrap, I figured I would create another Module for the Dojo Bootstrap that was similar in functionality to the Collapse module.

Javascript Unit Testing with AMD Using DOH: Part 1

I read somewhere that DOH was a stand-alone javascript tester. The DOH that ships with the Dojo Toolkit SDK definitely relies on the existence of dojo and dojox. Despite this, as of the date of this post, it is the only javascript unit testing framework that completely supports AMD without any additional plugins or code hacks.

Simulated Requests with Dojo 1.8

The new Dojo 1.8 has some really nice features. One in particular is the dojo/request/registry. It allows you to register providers against a URL pattern or other criteria. The provider can be one of the existing dojo providers or your own custom provider. With this in mind, you can register a custom provider that will serve simulated data to your code.